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Unusual Links — August 11, 2020

Nostalgebraist Autoresponder — a Tumblr AI that answers your asks with machine-learned text http://nostalgebraist-autoresponder.tumblr.comDear Loneliness"Match" — Jason Reynolds"Ars Poetica" — Aracelis Girmay Ferri — phenomenal Italian artist, figures in oils (image above is a portion of Il Bacio, 2015) Fantasia Film Festival is running entirely online 8/20 - 9/2
I hope you enjoy them!
— Tab

The Moon Sets Forth is a short collection of tanka pens by Tab Mix. Surreal, visceral, and strange, Mix has pulled together an incredible collection of this oft-neglected form.

The Violent End of Female Childhood: Kathe Koja's Unique Take on the Vampire Tale in "Baby" from *Velocities*

The Violent End of Female Childhood: Kathe Koja's Unique Take on the Vampire Tale in "Baby," from Velocities(Velocities was published by Meerkat Press, 2020)
I'm often impressed by honest-feeling images of femininity, particularly those parts of female life that go unexplored in art: sexuality, sacrifice, deception…. In the case of Kathe Koja's "Baby," Koja's perspective on girlhood and its loss in the love of a boy — maybe even girlhood's untimely destruction for a boy — had me really captivated.
"Baby" tells the story of the life of the narrator's (a teenage girl) "familiar" — a not-alive-not-dead baby doll that the young narrator once found in her grandmother's attic, stuffed in big box of dresses and high heels, chiffon scarves and evening bags. This doll-like creature — which the narrator believes is both alive and yet also artificial — "fastens on" and (presumably — his was first published in a Datlow-Wi…

Unusual Links — July 16, 2020

Poetry Daily featured JJ Peña's sharp and dark "yo te sigo queriendo" on 7/14 at Relief is providing $5000 grants to US artists facing financial emergencies due to COVID-19. Grabinski "Masters of the Weird Tale" series of dreamy, surreal illustrations for Centipede Press (featured above), Francis Ford Coppola's lit magazine and unsettling Android and iPhone games from Rusty Lake -- Tab Mix; July 16, 2020

Revamping This Site: New Blog Content Coming Soon

I've been working on revamping this site and turning my blog into a place to gather up all the unique literary and art finds I make, reviews of the work I've been reading, and other things like that.
So stay tuned — subscribe — and keep an eye out for much more fun content!

A Glass Mind

Short story. 66 pages.
Stark and chilly, A Glass Mind explores darkened hospital hallways and the unlit corridors of a nurse’s mind. Deep, complex, and full of repressed terror.
Kennedy is a night nurse at H. Matthias hospital’s geriatric ward — medicines, baths, sleep, and dreams — but the hospital supervisor wants to assign him an assistant named Julia, a bright and friendly young woman who asks too many questions.
Kennedy is no longer alone at night and he finds himself losing the quiet peace that he’s worked so hard to obtain.
An icy glass mind can break.
From the author of A Sadistic Streak and Moonlight.
Horror | Thriller | Psychological | Surreal
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an untitled romance with you

Poetry Chapbook. 30 pages.
"deep scarlet fevered brain the never-train that never does..."
an untitled romance with you presents a collection of twenty-five poems from Tab Mix, author of The Bride and A Sadistic Streak. Unexpected turns and dark rifts meet bubbling rhythm and deep intimacy in these poems.
contemporary poetry | chapbooks | blank verse | relationships
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