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The Moon Comes Down by Tab Mix

"the moon comes down" by Tab Mix
"it will — they said —  reform, like the basalt side of the moon itself
we’ll lose half the atmosphere —  and that’s that
we all die"
When the news of the impending doomsday arrives, one family finally finds the time they always wished for but never thought they'd need.
"the moon came down" is a powerful examination of love, death, and the preciousness of life, from the author of A Sadistic Streak and The Bride.
"the moon came down" is available as a free PDF file.

an untitled romance with you

Poetry Chapbook. 30 pages.
"deep scarlet fevered brain the never-train that never does..."
an untitled romance with you presents a collection of twenty-five poems from Tab Mix, author of The Bride and A Sadistic Streak. Unexpected turns and dark rifts meet bubbling rhythm and deep intimacy in these poems.
contemporary poetry | chapbooks | blank verse | relationships
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Free books for Christmas!

All of my major books will be free from December 21st to December 25th, including Moonlight, The Moon Sets Forth, The Bride, and A Sadistic Streak. Merry Christmas!

New covers, prices, and copy for all print and digital books

I've finally finished re-uploading all of my touched up work: Moonlight, The Moon Sets Forth, The Bride, and A Sadistic Streak.

My new prices are 99¢ for chapbooks and short work and $2.99 for novels and long collections, which should be more affordable for most people. I'm very happy with the new covers.


Fantasy. 280 pages. Recommended for Ages 12+.
Magical. Fantastical. With an intriguing villain and a stand-apart heroine, Moonlight is a wonder-filled adventure from beginning to end. Eve is oh-so-unique and Miach is darling (sort of) as they traverse the magical Lle in pursuit of — or fleeing from — the Emperor Axael. This is a can’t-put-it-down book and a charming ride through an imaginative fairy land full of danger.
Eve Hearth is a young Wiccan with a difficult life: neglectful parents, an evil rival, and a crush on someone who doesn’t like her back. When she casts a spell for “something better,” though, she attracts the attention of an unusual Emperor, who offers her a chance to learn more powerful magic and run the mysterious Lle while he’s off doing “something” somewhere else. Eve soon finds herself embroiled in a royal uprising and lost in the Lle with a deposed king named Miach.
Magic – Occult – Coming of Age – Young Adult – New Adult – Fantasy – High Fantasy – Celtic Mythol…

The Moon Sets Forth

Poetry. 22 pages. Recommended for Ages 12+.
“pale moon sunset, the sky creeping into night —”
Unflinching and unreserved poetry from Tab Mix — author of A Sadistic Streak — The Moon Sets Forth is a unique take on the tanka, a Japanese form similar to the haiku. Inside this slim chapbook is a complex exploration of pain, desire, cynicism, lies, and even nature. Dark, uninhibited, and surreal.
Poetry – Chapbooks – Japanese Poetry – Tanka – Collections – Poetic Forms – Emotions
Buy The Moon Sets Forth here.

The Bride

Poetry. 34 pages. Recommended for Ages 12+.
“one little thin blue line stood before me and eternity...”
Delicate. Pristine. The Bride tells the story of the titular bride through a series of chronological poems documenting the life and loves of a woman, from girlhood to death — a stark and unreserved exploration of a woman’s desire, aging, grief, motherhood, and love from the author of A Sadistic Streak. Often bittersweet; always incisive.
Poetry – Chapbooks – Blank Verse – Free Verse – Collections – Narrative – Women’s Fiction – Family Stories – Love Stories – Life Stories
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