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Fantasy. 280 pages. Recommended for Ages 12+.

Magical. Fantastical. With an intriguing villain and a stand-apart heroine, Moonlight is a wonder-filled adventure from beginning to end. Eve is oh-so-unique and Miach is darling (sort of) as they traverse the magical Lle in pursuit of — or fleeing from — the Emperor Axael. This is a can’t-put-it-down book and a charming ride through an imaginative fairy land full of danger.

Eve Hearth is a young Wiccan with a difficult life: neglectful parents, an evil rival, and a crush on someone who doesn’t like her back. When she casts a spell for “something better,” though, she attracts the attention of an unusual Emperor, who offers her a chance to learn more powerful magic and run the mysterious Lle while he’s off doing “something” somewhere else. Eve soon finds herself embroiled in a royal uprising and lost in the Lle with a deposed king named Miach.

Magic – Occult – Coming of Age – Young Adult – New Adult – Fantasy – High Fantasy – Celtic Mythology – Wicca – Druid – Adventure