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Tab Mix (26 Aug 1984) is a writer. They currently attend SNHU's MA program in Screenwriting, Sigma Tau Delta, and hold a BS in Biology from SUNY. They also studied Environmental Biology at SUNY, Phi Theta Kappa. They will be attending SNHU's MA program in New Media Marketing in the future.

They have a number of publications including A Sadistic Streak and Moonlight, links to which can be found on this website via the menu options above.

Other studies and interests include: voice, guitar, digital music production, visual art, design, natural science, literature, and history. They are studying filmmaking in the role of creative producer, director, and writer and are interested in all creative aspects of this art: acting, scoring, cinematography, etc.

Tab is non-binary and pansexual. They live in the Southwest U.S. with one child.


If you have questions or business inquiries, send an email to Fan mail sent to this address will not be read or responded to. Harassment or bullying will not be read or responded to.

Send fan mail to Harassment or bullying will not be read or responded to.