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A selection of scripts, all PDF files on Google Drive unless otherwise indicated. All work is copyright of Tab Mix, all rights retained, unless otherwise stated. Copyright details should be contained on the file. If you're interested in optioning, buying, or producing any of these scripts, query at


Philomela — 2019. Drama. 104 pages. A young woman trespasses on a wealthy recluse's home in search of valuables and is captured by its owner. Romantic. Dark. This was written for one person and is not currently on the market.

Witch House 2019. Paranormal. 87 pages. A paranormal studies professor must prove to his school's board that there's anything paranormal to be studying at all. Romantic. Suspenseful. This is on the market, as of June 2019.

Jack the Ripper — 2020. Horror. 91 pages. A serial killer terrorizes the Victorian East End of London. Based on the true story of the Whitechapel Murders. Historical. Explicit. This is not on the market as a spec script as I wish to be involved in the production — specifically as a director and/or producer. It is on the market as an investment project.


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In Print

Philomela — 2019Drama. 104 pages.

Witch House — 2019. Paranormal. 87 pages.

Jack the Ripper — 2020. Horror. 90 pages.